Borghi e Cammini

Hiking, biking and on horseback itineraries

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A unique territory, characterized by the looming presence of Etna with its almost 3400 m asl on one side, of the chain of very green and wooded Nebrodi on the other and completed by the offshoots of the harsh Apennine system of the Peloritani, sloping down to the sea of Taormina, the pearl of Med Sea, it can only be a kind of heaven on earth, and a privileged place for naturalistic excursions.The very cold waters of the Alcantara, a river rich in myths and legends, described for its impetuous waters that have dug and shaped the hard and dark lava rock, become the backbone of the Project Universo Alcantara system, marked by the creation of hiking trails on foot, horse riding and bike, which starting from the ancient villages of Motta Camastra, Castiglione di Sicilia and Moio Alcantara allow you to discover enchanting landscapes and suggestive cultural monuments, also allowing the discovery of beautiful agricultural estates, devoted to the cultivation of the vine.

Itinerario Universo Alcatara

Routes for all tastes from the easy to the difficult level, rings with multiform composition, with a naturalistic and landscape, enogastronomic, architectural and cultural thematic component, varying from a few hundred meters in altitude to just over 20 km at almost 1500 m in altitude and 45 km route. Itineraries along which it is possible to make quality honey tastings wisely conducted by the young entrepreneur of LùMiele, or carry out vegetable collections of ancient Sicilian cultivars, dop hazelnuts and very delicate and intense olive oil from the Alcantara Valley at Le Terre di Castel Leone, or rest while contemplating the splendid vinery landscape of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio in the heart of the valley, near the Verzella district where the small and precious country hotel Il Tanaceto is located. An ancient Etna farmhouse, where you can enjoy the pleasure of silence, not far from the cool of the river and taste the traditional Sicilian dishes with high quality raw materials.

Itinerario Universo Alcatara

But the possibilities are not finished, because wandering along the 7 UA routes, you will discover ancient Byzantine monuments, rock constructions, ancient stone solar observatories, lava cones with a perfect conical shape and expanses of downy and oak woods, useful to understand how much a special microclimate, characterized by strong temperature changes, can influence agricultural production, generating excellence, such as the pasta of Pastificio Piazza - Delizie dell'Alcantara, deriving from the use of ancient Sicilian wheats, left to dry slowly and bronze-drawn, or to discover the innovative social food of the Le Mamme del Borgo, a valiant example of resilience and perseverance, which created a network of street "mama" cooks, who are committed to making known the great value of authentic Sicilian food and wine, by opposing the depopulation of the small villages.

  Km Dislivello Grado di difficoltà Quota min. Quota max. Mappa


22,45 307m medio-facile 272m 513m Universo Alcantara Itinerario UA1


34,28 669m medio-difficile 425m 694m Universo Alcantara Itinerario UA2


44,40 569m medio 29m 432m Universo Alcantara Itinerario UA3


34,69 1477m difficile 535m 1331m Universo Alcantara Itinerario UA4


20,69 346m medio-facile 293m 550m Universo Alcantara Itinerario UA5


39,65 1027m medio-difficile 61m 698m Universo Alcantara Itinerario UA6


18,56 482m medio-facile 532m 700m Universo Alcantara Itinerario UA7