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An agricultural estate in the North-Eastern Sicily, in the middle between the Alcantara Valley and the slopes of Mount Etna. A territory rich of biodiversity that offer to our products unique tastes of great prestige. From the estate, one can see the beautiful landscapes, from the slopes of Mount Etna to the summit craters, from the Nebrodi mountains to the Peloritani mountains. A wide valley crossed by a unique river: the Alcantara.
The exceptional peculiarity of these waters is that of streaming in the middle of prehistoric lava flows, characterized by dark grey, shiny and smooth basalts which have been polished from the tireless flow of waters.
The area, flourishing and full of history, one of the most prosperous of the entire island of Sicily, with breath-taking 360-degree panoramas, has inspired the desire to invest in the agriculture and to make our excellences known.

The name Tenuta di Castel Leone comes from the Medieval fortress dominating from above the entire Alcantara Valley. The land of the estate Tenuta di Castelleone are located, in fact, on the slopes of a hill on which top there is the town Castiglione di Sicilia, once called in Latin Castrum Leonis or Castrisleonis, namely today’s Castiglione di Sicilia (literally "castle of the lion").
The extra virgin olive oil is the result of a meticulous work, fruit of experience of centuries that has enriched us and provided us with an excellent product. This "gold" is obtained from olive varieties that go from the nocellare etnea to the biancolilla to smaller parts of other varieties, all coming from inside the farm and rigorously treated without chemicals and pesticides and it is extracted with a cold process through the usage of mechanical processes and controlled in all the phases of transformation: from the harvest to the final product, which you can taste on the table.

Roasted hazelnut

On the palate, the roasted hazelnuts of Castiglione di Sicilia remind the taste of old stumps. In fact, the hazelnut encompasses the typicality of its places. Its taste is excellent when roasted in the wood oven but also eaten raw during the months of September (period of the harvest) as well as all year round.

Products of the Bio-Garden

The biological method used by the owners maintains the biodiversity and allows to offer fresh and vital food, seasonal fruit and vegetables. In the estate Tenuta di Castelleone the owners try to go back to the origins, by searching and cultivating rare and ancient seeds. The weather of the Alcantara Valley makes the work in the estate magical and it rewards the workers by giving special and genuine fruit and vegetables. The lands are cultivated directly by Giuliano Giusa, who takes care of the entire process: from the planting to the harvest.

Bike Park in the Alcantara Valley

In the estate Tenuta di Castelleone the first permanent Mountain Bike route of Sicily was built: 90000qm dedicated to the MTB lovers. A breathless path with various tracks to choose, that cover a total distance of 3km. Equipped areas and a paddock area for the maintenance of the bike (blowing of the wheel, washing and dismantling of the bike).

Logo Le Terre di Castel LeoneLe Terre di Castel Leone - Contrada Argana s.n. SP 7i - 95012, Castiglione di Sicilia (CT)