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Le Delizie dell'Alcantara is a young family-run company, based in Mojo Alcantara, a village of eastern Sicily set in the Alcantara Valley, an area protected by the River Park Authority on the slopes of Etna. The microclimate, the flora and above all the abundant water that flows from the springs make this portion of Sicily a unique territory, both for its natural beauty and for the quality of the products it produces. The Delights of Alcantara has been included in the "Quality Charter" of the Alcantara River Park, which has been awarded the Silver Trout Mark for the requirements of environmental protection and product quality that every day is committed to achieving . The Park Authority, through the establishment of the "Nature Park Quality Mark", promotes a system of recognition and accreditation of companies that share institutional and environmental goals that contribute to the dissemination of techniques and products related to the territory.
The production of dry pasta is aimed at the demanding consumer who requires a quality product with optimal nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. To ensure high nutritional qualities in the product chain, exclusive Sicilian cultivation wheats are selected, seeking among the highly experienced producers who respect the noblest production standards. Storage silos are not used to guarantee the best preservation of the properties of the semolina. The fresh milling semolina, obtained from the coarse grinder of the first extraction, is poured into the loading hopper: this procedure allows to check the quality of the raw material, punch after punch. The formation of the mixture (semolina and water) takes place slowly in a cold vacuum-packed tank. The dough kept at low temperature passes in bronze dies which give the pasta, even to smooth formats, that color and that roughness that allows sauces and seasonings to bind.

The short pasta is placed on wooden frames, while the long formats (spaghetti and linguine) on the canes. It Follows the drying process, which takes place in static cells at low temperature. It is at this stage that the SLOW production process determines the difference. The deliberate slowness of drying guarantees complete and uniform evaporation of the water from the paste, avoiding the starch hardening and the consequent crystallization of the external part.
The average temperature is around 40 ° and makes it possible to obtain an excellent product which, together with the right thickness, preserves the proteins, starch, flavor and aroma of freshly ground wheat, giving pasta added value.

Pasta Piazza

Durum wheat semolina pasta 100% Sicilian, bronze drawn and slow drying in static cells. A superior product that, together with the right thickness, preserves the flavor and aroma of freshly ground wheat.

Pasta Sua Maestà

Durum wheat semolina pasta 100% Sicilian, bronze drawn and slow drying in static cells. An exclusive product that preserves the taste and aroma of freshly ground wheat.

Pasta Biologica

Organic pasta made with 100% Sicilian durum wheat. The dough is formed slowly in a cold vacuum-sealed tank and kept at a low temperature so as not to be stressed. Passed in bronze dies, it is then dried in static cells (max 40 °). From the fusion of our processing method and the wholesomeness of wheat, a complete, balanced and nutritious product is born.

Logo Pastificio Piazza Le Delizie dell'AlcantaraDelizie dell'Alcantara - Via Vittorio Veneto 110, 98030 Moio Alcantara (ME)