The project Universo Alcantara has won the following awards and prizes:

  • 3rd Prize ECTN Awards 2019, by category Culinary Heritage, Food and Gastronomy Tourism. Universe Alcantara: a network of local entrepreneurs engaged in creating solutions for sustainable tourism in Sicily. By Mediterranean Pearls, Italy
  • "Premio Patrimoni Viventi", literally "Prize Living Heritage". A prize for the valorization of the Cultural Heritage (material and immaterial). In the section private enterprises, the project Universo Alcantara has been deemed significant.
  • FactorYmpresa Turismo 2017. The FactorYmpresa Turismo was a challenge of 28 projects (20 startup and 8 network of enterprises) in the Accelerathon "Borghi e Cammini" (Medieval town and paths) conceived by Invitalia and MiBACT.
  • Prize TRI – Cristina Ambrosini 2017 section public bodies, promoted by the Agenzia di Viaggi. The motivation was "the destination offers diverse paths that cross internal areas characterized by a low population density and constitute a stimulus for responsible tourism, the ‘albergo diffuso’, the cultural heritage of these three splendid Sicilian Medieval towns, immersed between an untouched nature and one of the most stunning river parks of Sicily. The soft mobility suggested, together with the practice of responsible tourism thus becomes a real opportunity of necessary growth and a concrete way to avoid the depopulation of the three towns".
Premio TRI 2017 Universo AlcantaraPremio TRI 2017 Universo AlcantaraFactorYmpresa Invitalia Universo Alcantara