Project Universo Alcantara

Universo Alcantara is a system of enterprises for the valorisation of the territory operating in the field of tourism. The system comprises the areas of the enchanting river Alcantara, which stems from the snows of Mount Etna and from the Nebrodi mountains. The network of enterprises is based on the short chain of operators, put in the network and in the system by a DMO (Mediterranean Pearls) that has created – based on historic paths, unpaved roads and rural itineraries – an infrastructure for the soft mobility in the Alcantara Valley on foot or with the use of bikes, donkeys, horses.
The selected enterprises operate in the territory in the production of high-quality agriculture, in the accommodation of the city centres, in the restoration in medieval towns: from the eno-gastronomy of ancient recipes, to the innovative practise of having lunch along the streets of the town (food street), social eating and the home restaurant, to the biological culture of ancient seeds, to the high-quality hospitality in the millstones, to the visits in beekeeping farms, to the work of ancient grains.
Tours are offered to the main attractions of the Medieval town of Motta Camastra and the network of paths along the Gorges of the Alcantara, the "Big Mountain", other smaller paths and in the nearby areas like for instance the "Gurne" of Francavilla di Sicilia and the "Alto Alcantara" (the upper part of the river) towards Castiglione di Sicilia, known to be one of the "Borghi più bello d’Italia" (an Italian label for the most beautiful Medieval towns).
Since 2017, a planimetric framework of the network has been created/developed. And it is now in progress the realization of a touristic transregional network where there are courses of bike hotels and thematic workshops.
The project Universo Alcantara is financed by Invitalia Spa, upon idealization and realization of the DMO Mediterranean Pearls APS, Catania.

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